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Our all-inclusive services extend to cover pre, during and post-event services including Transportation, Cleaning and Logistics services for all our stakeholders and entities.

The first and last impression of your event lies in transport management. Our key strength in achieving a great impression comes from our event transport management team specialized in planning and executing transportation services tailored to fit your event requirements.

The services provided to our customers vary from individual luxury VIP transportation to group shuttles in a cost efficient manner while ensuring safe and reliable services to all Aspire Zone stakeholders

In addition to event based operations, our team operates for an average of 14 hours per day, accommodating an average of 300 requests and 3500 trips per month serving all Aspire Zone Business Units. The utilized fleet varies from passenger vehicles, buses, and club cars to utility vehicles.

Case Study

Doha Goals is one of the biggest yearly events held in Aspire Logistics. Find out how Hospitality logistics delivered services tailored to diverse needs of more than 500 participants. From strategic insight, planning, to execution.

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Transportation in numbers

  • Around 3500 trips/month
  • Operates for 14hours/day
  • 637,170 kg of recycled paper in 2015
  • 78,581,627 liters of water in the Aspire Park Lake used for multiple purposes including maintaining the Aspire Park landscapes, and other purposes within all Aspire Zone venues.