We are dedicated to providing security services around the clock to ensure the safety of all guests and clients.

The safety of our employees, guests, and clients is our concern, and we have a dedicated security department that works around the clock to support you and assure your safety around all premises of AZF. The department personnel’s primary role is to observe and report, and to intervene if and when applicable, based on necessity and in accordance with governing procedures.

Provision of security services is a 24/7 operation in normal and routine days, and can also be an event based service to serve the purpose and the best interest of the event(s) in question. Security services will be provided based on the event size and requirements.

Services and responsibilities during events:

  • Conduct a general site assessment of the premises that is set to be used in order to identify possible and potential threats
  • Generate detailed evaluation of the required security manpower to seize the day
  • Appoint a command center officer to direct and manage the guard force in the field of operation.
  • Generate security plan
  • Liaise with external agencies for direct support if and when required, such as MOI, traffic police, and civil defense
  • During the event, the security guard force will be deployed with the a team of guards when necessary
  • Establish a security presence that would deter, detect and prevent any potential hazards and intervene if and when applicable
  • Upon event completion, and once site is cleared from the event setup, the security guard force will be restored to the minimum required number

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