Venues & Public Domain

We manage the world’s most comprehensive campus featuring the finest venues and public spaces.

We manage some of the world’s finest sports stadia and venues that can accommodate the highest sporting demands as well as the demands of other industries. We also offer the public with a range of world class facilities and services that include pitches and courts as well as park areas and leisure services.

Our core business objective is to build, maintain and operate world class facilities and to develop an event management system that is compatible to these venues.

Venue Management Services:

In case of an event, no matter how big, our venue management team is responsible for coordinating with all responsible parties such as Facility Management, Media Electronics, IT, Security and cleaning and waste management services. We support and collaborate with all parties to fulfill the needs of each event.

Event services:

  • Handle every detail before, during and after the event to ensure that our venues and services create successful and memorable events.
  • Handle all day to day venue management related matters which include booking and scheduling, distribution of facilities
  • Ensuring that all services provided by Aspire Logistics are delivered to the highest standards (cleaning, security, Media Electronics, etc.)
  • The booking system implemented for all venues and facilities is by the hour/day and that is because our multidisciplinary facilities can accommodate multiple events with a collective capacity of 100,000 people. This means that some of the facilities may host up to 10 events or trainings in one day, and our responsibility is to make sure that each of these events receives the proper services and is successfully completed.

Public Domain operations & activities

Public areas and facilities within the public domain cater to the demands of the wider public. The public domain facilities provide a wide range of services and are available for bookings for trainings, events, and other activities.

Facilities and services include:

  • Outdoor natural grass fields which host trainings for Qatar National Football teams, international teams and other federations.
  • Outdoor fields available for the public on first come first serve basis or in some cases can be booked by the public.
  • Outdoor basketball, volleyball and tennis courts available for booking for public. The courts also host various events of different sizes organized by the event department.
  • Other facilities also include the Aspire Fan Zone which is used for multiple events, in addition to the exhibition area which consists of several spaces that are booked by a wide range of clients including private companies, charity organizations and government ministries for exhibitions and bazars.

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Venues & Public Domain

  • Public Domain in numbers

  • 10 World Class Venues
  • 20,000 Aspire Dome Capacity
  • 15-20 Bookings /Day for public fields