Venue Technology

Our team provides cutting edge sports technology and engineering expertise and infrastructure services designed for the modern, world class events

Our team of highly qualified and talented professionals utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to enrich the event experience for the organizer as well as the customer. The department wires up major projects and events no matter how big the occasion is, the team uses cutting edge technologies to design, supply, install, test and maintain services that range from audiovisuals to engineering consultation services.

Technology is vital to creating memorable events, and our talented ME team implements cutting edge technologies to deliver world class events.

Our experience is gained form our hands-on work and involvement in major events and projects, and we understand exactly the needs and requirements of the sports and events industries.

Our top notch team provides a wide range of services including projects, engineering consultations, technology operations, maintenance advice and events operations. These services are implemented through the use of high quality in-house and portable technology systems.

Event Operations Responsibilities:

Our team fulfills a range of comprehensive responsibilities tailored to meet the requirements of each event. These responsibilities are carried before, during and after the event to ensure optimal client satisfaction. ME events support tasks include

  • Events technical meetings management
  • Events coordination’s
  • Onsite technical support
  • Onsite systems operation
  • Systems customizations and operation
  • Client support and follow up
  • Before the event, the team gathers and distributes event requirements among team members and all responsible parties. Event related information is gathered through meetings, collaboration with other departments such as events and venues, and most importantly, one on one meeting with the client. These meetings are a key to obtaining all the requirements and getting an insight of the client’s vision. Furthermore, our highly experienced team guides and advises the client on the best technologies and methods that better serve their demands and implement their vision for the event.
  • All requirements will be met and set up is ready ahead of time of the event with the use of high quality in-house and portable technology systems which include:
    • Timing and Scoring systems
    • TV screens, Video Screens and Projection screens
    • Sound systems, delegate microphones and multi-language translation
    • Live feed, broadcast Video cameras and mobile trailer screens systems during events.
  • During the event, the ME maintenance team will be available on site to provide all necessary support and prevent any potential technical issues.
  • After the event, the team secures all equipment, maintains it and makes sure it’s ready for the next event.

Venue Technology systems are supported and well maintained by our highly qualified team to fulfill customer needs and ensure their satisfaction.

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Venue Technology

  • Venue Technology in numbers

  • 4000 high power LED lights installed in the Torch façade with controller hardware and software
  • 5- Language translation system with 200 wireless headphones and 4 nos. translator booths supplied for the Torch
  • Installation of sound system with indoor and outdoor speakers at Aspire Park