Health & Safety Environment

Creating and sustaining a safe and healthy working environment is at the heart of our projects and events.

Our certified department is with you every step of the way to ensure smooth and risk-free execution of projects and plans. Through our open communication channels, clear and precise standards and guidelines, supporting processes and documents, we maintain a healthy and safe working environment.

When conducting business, our suppliers are expected to comply with the HSE Procedures and the Permit to Work Procedures.

Our team has defined procedures for PTW which include how to manage contractor activities and plans, as well as monitoring the implementation of projects to make sure that suppliers are complying with given standards and to minimize any risks in the working environment.

Our commitment

  • Strive to prevent fires, pollution, injuries and ill health
  • Implement environmentally responsible practices which aim to reduce waste generation, control pest manifestation, minimize the use of paper and conserve water and electricity
  • Integrate Health and safe and environment (HSE) into the process to add value and ensure that we offer a safe, secure and healthy environment for all sporting activities to the end users and the public at large.
  • Manage HSE effectively by developing, implementing and maintain integrated process oriented management system.
  • Analyze and manage HSE risks of the services provided and asses manage the environment impacts
  • Promote HSE awareness and enhance confidence and acceptance for all stakeholders by informing, communication, training, advising and encouraging both internally and externally.

PTW procedures and workflow

  • Contractors involved in events and projects are responsible for completing the PTW Application as well as providing all necessary documentation
  • HSE team gathers information regarding the events set up and phases. Event information is provided by contractors as well as the events management team
  • HSE team reviews PTW applications and conducts interviews with contractor applicants to evaluate their scope of work and their understanding of the HSE procedures and regulations
  • Risk assessment includes addressing work and fire hazards based on the scope of work and identifying and implementing the control measures on the site to eliminate or minimize the identified hazards.
  • Each venue has an emergency management plan approved by the top management.
  • PTW approval is granted once applications are completed in full and attached with all the required documents and contractors demonstrate correct risk management methods that comply with HSE procedures and regulations.
  • During the set up as well as the event, HSE team conducts inspection visits to the site to make sure those contractors are fulfilling and complying with all HSE requirements and are working in safe environment.

Attached below are the PTW application forms, copy of the General HSE guidelines, list of applicable documents that are required to be submitted with the PTW forms before the PTW application can be processed for approval by the HSE Team.

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