Facility Management

Our FM team serves as the backbone of Aspire Logistics in terms of events deliverables.

Backed by a growing team of professionals, and a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), the Department has established itself as a leader in Qatar; capable of handling the smooth management of all AZF facilities and potentially other projects for external clients. FM provides maintenance services for all venues and facilities for 365 days a year, as well as supporting events and carrying out modification projects throughout AZF.

For our skilled and dedicated facility management team, every day is an event day. Venues and facilities undergo constant maintenance for 365 days a year to make sure that these unique facilities are ready to host any event no matter how big.

The team is responsible for the entire facilities management activities on behalf of Aspire Logistics as well as handling all maintenance services throughout Aspire Zone Foundation.

Our inclusive department consists of five sections: Electrical team, mechanical team, HVAC team, IBMS team and the special team for Aspetar. Each of these teams includes skilled professionals who thrive to provide the best quality services in their area of expertise.

FM services for Events

  • Our FM team serves as the backbone of Aspire Logistics in terms of events deliverables; that is because the team is responsible for collaborating with all departments to fulfill event requirements as well as maintaining issue-free venues to host events of all sizes.
  • Events support services extend to cover power provision, water provision and civil modifications to suite the building.

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Facility Management


  • Facility Management in numbers

  • Achieved 1,000,000 accident free maintenance hours