Events Production

We are an international leader in events management, and have successfully staged some of the most significant events.

Aspire Logistics’ events department had a tremendous year, organizing numerous successful events.Our dedicated team looks after the overall planning; including finalizing all set up details and requirements, financial arrangements and other operational matters pre, during and after the event. Our team has worked closely and successfully with some of the most significant events staged in Qatar, including the 2006 Asian Games and the annual Emir Cup Football Final as well as a range of international sport events and large scale corporate activities giving us the experience you need to ensure a memorable event.

Over the past 2 years the Events Department has managed to host a substantial number event days, and attracted a vast number of visitors to Aspire Zone.

Internal Events Processes:

  • Apply our knowledge and understanding of the demanding needs of the sports and events industries to produce unique events
  • Collaborate with the Venues & Events departments to set the events calendar
  • Distribute event’s requirements to all departments and make sure that the deliverables and services are of the highest standards.

External Events processes:

  • Manage requests and letters. All external clients wishing to host their events at Aspire Zone are requested to send an official letter to the Director General of Aspire Logistics.
  • Contact the perspective client and arrange for a meeting with managers, section heads to review the proposal and identify initial requirements including event dates, venues and services required.
  • Guide clients through the Booking & Scheduling system application, as the clients must make their own request to gain a costing.
  • Clients are requested to sign the Venue Hire Agreements which contains all costs applicable to the client. Once the agreements are signed and costs are approved, the event is officially added to the calendar.
  • The Events team handles all planning processes including producing an event info sheet which summarizes all requirements of the event and reminds FA’s of their deliverables.

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Events Production

  • Events Production in numbers

  • 857 Event days (Including Trainings) in 2014
  • 903 Event days (including trainings) in 2015
  • Attracted approximately 624,540 participants and visitors in 2014
  • Attracted approximately 601,553 participants and visitors in 2015